New Ordinance Aims to Stop the Pain of the Drain

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May 06, 2019
Ordinance promises to provide quicker solutions to applications and permits, especially those involving stormwater drainage
Bastrop, Saturday, May 4, 2019On April 23, Managing Director of Public Works & Leisure Services Trey Job presented City Council with a proposed ordinance that would put much of the ability to approve more stormwater drainage construction and improvements into the hands of City Staff using policy outlined in a new Stormwater Drainage Design Manual. This allows for a much easier process for the average homeowner. Previously, the City Council approved all decisions involving stormwater drainage. 
Managing and resolving stormwater drainage issues and flooding problems have historically been one of the most persistent and critical challenges experienced by the City of Bastrop. In the past, the City’s Stormwater Drainage Control Regulations for new land development had not adequately taken into account the unique landscape of the City. Recent growth has aggravated existing stormwater drainage problems and produced flooding issues at many locations. One of the City’s highest priorities is to develop a firm Stormwater Drainage Policy and criteria that ensure that new development does not increase flooding and erosion.  
The new ordinance differs in that stormwater drainage will now be addressed upfront and often, and the ordinance will generally point to the Drainage Design Manual. The more defined drainage requirements include a more rigorous review of upstream and downstream conditions as well as a required maintenance agreement and financial guarantee for designated maintenance on private property such as ponds or large drainage outfall structures. The new Stormwater Drainage Design Manual will establish standard policy and criteria for citizens, developers, and building contractors for the design and implementation of stormwater drainage infrastructure that will promote geographically sensitive and fiscally responsible land development within the City.  It will also provide for a new stormwater permit process at the time of final platting. Final approval of the ordinance will occur after a second reading by Council at a later date.
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